Funky Monkey Smoothie

The fun thing about smoothies is that they usually have fun names. So I just made up that name to describe one of my favorite smoothies involving peanut butter and bananas. Do monkeys even like peanut butter? The funky ones do!


Find a blender

(this is mine – a Kitchenaid – and it’s the best blender ever. I’m smiling just thinking about it.)

Then pour in some soy milk  (about 3/4 cup maybe?)

again, my preferred brand is Silk Original Light, but 8th Continent is pretty good too. Kroger brand has been disappointing lately, as it tends to separate too much resulting in an odd, grainy consistency.

Then add a banana.

Yay, bananas!

Ideally, your banana will be from your frozen stash, to add to the frothy/slushy consistency that we all love in our smoothies. But, today, I used a regular ol’ banana, non-frozen, and it worked just fine.

Toss in about a tablespoon of cocoa powder…

(I always have Hershey’s on hand in the pantry.)

…about 2 tablespoons of peanut butter…

…Dharma brand, if you have it…

…some honey…

…and, lastly, some ice, ice, baby.

Word to your motha’.

Blend it all up & pour into a big tall glass. Enjoy!