Easy Salsa

When life gives you tomatoes, make fresh salsa.

When life gives you tomatoes, make fresh salsa.

I know we’re way beyond fresh, delicious, perfect tomato season, but my weekly farmer’s market basket keeps giving me tomatoes. (Y’all, seriously, FMB is the best deal on fresh fruits & veggies in Kennesaw. Check ’em out already.) And those pretty little gems keep sitting there in my fruit & veggie bowl, gradually turning from not-so-ripe dark pink to eat-me-now deep ruby red, patiently waiting for me to figure out what to do with them. They’re not summertime perfect tomatoes, but they are still darn good this time of year, if they ripen properly.

Last night, as I was making guacamole as a side dish for dinner (grilled chicken tacos), I realized that I also wanted salsa with our meal. I didn’t want just any salsa, though; I wanted good salsa. I didn’t want anything from a jar, nor was I in the mood to taste-test one of the hit-or-miss fresh, pre-packaged, overpriced salsas you can find at your favorite neighborhood pretentious foodie market. What I really wanted was Laura & Heyward’s famous homemade salsa. But, it was 7 pm on a Sunday night, and L&H probably had a million other things to do besides make me some delicious salsa and bring it up to my house. So, I had to take matters into my own hands, and – glancing at my tomatoes – got the bright idea to attempt my own version of homemade salsa.

And, it turned out great! So, L&H: thanks for the inspiration. I think I followed your recipe almost exactly, but you can let me know for sure.

Theirs is still fantastic, but mine will work in a pinch.

Homemade Salsa

In a food processor (Note: I opted for the food processor because I wanted a very specific, chunky texture. You could probably achieve similar results with a blender – you’d just have to be careful not to pulverize it into a liquid), combine the following ingredients:

*roughly a quarter of a purple onion, cut into large pieces

*5-6 tomatoes, cored and pretty much seeded

*1 clove garlic

*1 jalapeño, seeded (unless you want super spicy salsa; then leave the seeds in)

*Handful of cilantro (leave it out if you’re making salsa for someone who is cilantro-averse)

*couple pinches of salt, maybe some pepper

* juice of half a lime

Then, pulse the salsa 6-7 times, until you get the consistency you want. I like chunky, so I didn’t over-mix it. Dig in & enjoy.

If you’re wondering how to make the tacos, they’re simple: sprinkle chicken breasts with olive oil, salt, paprika, cumin & oregano, then cook them on the grill. In the meantime, blacken a few corn tortillas over your gas stove, then top them with grilled veggies (peppers and onions are my favorite), spinach, cilantro, the shredded grilled chicken, homemade salsa & guacamole. I promise, they’ll give your favorite Mexican restaurant tacos a run for their money.


One thought on “Easy Salsa

  1. you pretty much nailed it spot on…except we’re lazy and hate to chop garlic so we use the pre chopped jar stuff. Love it when we make the blog 🙂

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