“You haven’t blogged in a while…”

My personality is such that I need closure. On everything. I can’t go to bed if I know there are dishes in the sink – everything has to be put away before I can sleep soundly. If I leave a party or gathering without saying goodbye to everyone I talked with that evening, I am bothered by it the whole way home. And when relationships “just fizzle” without that final “here’s why I am no longer going to be in your life” conversation, I am distraught. Sometimes, for a really, really, really long time.

So it is in that spirit that I write one last blog post… for a while. I can’t say I’ll never blog again. But I know I’m not blogging again for the foreseeable future. 

I’m probably more disappointed about this decision than any of my readers are. I get a tremendous amount of enjoyment out of writing for fun, especially when I’m writing about what I cook and eat. I think I get even more enjoyment out of clicking this little “stats” tab that tells me how many people have seen my blog in the past day, week or months, as well as from where y’all are reading (apparently someone in Alaska and in a remote part of South America have stumbled upon LBDelicious). But I also enjoy the blog as a way to stay connected with y’all, as I know a lot of my family & maybe a few friends read my humble blog posts for just general updates on my life. 

However, there are a few things going on that are taking up all of my time. And instead of just leaving the blog out there without saying where I’ve gone, this post will explain why, at this point, I’m leaving the blogosphere. 

First, I’m starting a brand new job in August. I’m beyond excited to be joining the faculty at Southern Polytechnic State University (though I will dearly miss my colleagues & students from GHC), but it’s already keeping me busy. In the fall, I’ll be teaching (among some public speaking sections) two upper level courses that I’m creating from scratch, and I want them to be amazing. To pull that off requires a lot of time and energy – time and energy that I am honored and excited to commit, but it’s still means there will be fewer hours available for other leisurely activities. Don’t even get me started on the research projects I have going… they are super duper exciting and I’ll be filling you in on them later, but they are turning into the life-consuming variety rather than the “keep on the back burner and work on them when you can” variety.

Speaking of time, energy, and leisurely activities, let’s talk about the crazy endurance athletic events I’ve perhaps stupidly committed myself to doing this summer. On July 14, I’ll be doing a 5K… SWIM. Am I really swimming 3.1 miles in a lake in a few weeks? Sheesh. I’m not sure if I’m happy or sad that Shaun talked me into that one… guess I’ll let you know on the 14th. At least I have good arm muscles this summer?

And I apparently forgot how exhausted and “over” triathlons I was after last year’s Chattanooga Tri and in a moment of complete insanity signed up for the Augusta Half Ironman, taking place on September 30. On that day, I’ll swim 1.2 miles, ride my bike for 56 miles, and then run a half marathon. 

I’m not sure what I was thinking, either. 

As you might imagine, training for these events will (and are) take (and are taking) some time. Luckily, I have lots of friends who are much better athletes than I am who are already helping me get ready. And if anyone is out there who currently doesn’t have anyone to swim open water every Saturday morning or go run 13 miles with or do some speed intervals on the Silver Comet “just for fun,” with, well… holla at me.

Not to mention… I have a husband. And a cat. And family & friends who all need at least a little attention. I’m at a point where something’s gotta give. And right now, that’s the blog. I don’t like having it floating around out here, seemingly active, without giving it a proper farewell.

And, honestly, what I’ve been cooking lately wouldn’t be very blog-worthy. We’ve changed our diets around here in Casa Dawmilam in ways I never really expected we would (or should) change things around. I’m actually at a point where most days, I’d rather tear into a big bowl of salad instead of a big bowl of pasta for dinner.

I know what you’re thinking: “who are you and what have you done with LBDelicious?”

Don’t you worry. Friday, for Lindsey’s last fun day in the states before she headed to London for study abroad, we hung out at her pool and drank beer, ate chocolate cookies, cheesy quiche and homemade gelato. Today, after the sprint tri I did, we promptly went to La Parilla where I ate an entire bowl of cheese dip, half a fajita entree, and chugged a margarita. I have some triple chocolate brownies hanging out on my counter by the stove (guess I should mention I ate a generous spoonful of the brownie batter last night while I was making them). And I’m contemplating a Nutella snack, here at 9:21 pm on a school night. So, I’m not that healthy all the time. These are just things that are ordinary, routine, and not that exciting to eat. You just have to trust me – nothing I’ve made lately is anything worth writing home about. I’ve just simplified our meals because I’m busy and it’s easier to train harder the next day when your dinner didn’t consist of a buttery cream sauce the night before.

Mmmm. Buttery cream sauce.

So, until my life calms down and I start making blog-worthy food again, this is farewell. Thanks for reading. Happy cooking, until next time. 


3 thoughts on ““You haven’t blogged in a while…”

  1. Oh…I’m so sad, BUT I completely understand the demands. Just remember to get back to us and until then, keep those arm muscles going strong…you look great!

  2. Sounds like exciting things for you….but sad news for us readers! Well just remember that we’ll all be right here if/when you pick the blog back up. It’s definitely been a treat I’ll miss! Good luck in your new adventures! Oh, and shame on you for making me try Nutella…it’s addictive 🙂

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