Yogurt, Fruit & Nut Happy Snack

Snacktime is a pretty big deal for me, especially the post-workout snack. It’s my favorite snack of the day.

You can ask Dave just how excited I get when I come home after a long workout and announce something like “smoothie time!” by jumping up and down, and saying it over and over until I actually start drinking the aforementioned smoothie. These behaviors are not annoying at all, and I’m sure he wouldn’t have appreciated knowing that I can exhibit this level of enthusiasm before he agreed to spend the rest of his life dealing with my over-the-top post-workout energy levels. Yay, endorphins!

Today, instead of my usual smoothie, I created a pretty, filling, happy little fruit, yogurt, flaxseed & walnut bowl that I just had to share with you. It’s not original. It’s not very exciting. It’s not even really a recipe. It’s just a little bowl full of happy, healthy goodness that I encourage you to make the next time you need refueling. It’s a balanced snack – there’s protein in the yogurt, healthy fats and fiber in the walnuts, a serving of fruit, sweetness from the honey and a whole lot of tasty goodness. This is perfect for breakfast (or second breakfast, if you’re like me and love breakfast so much you usually eat it twice in a day).

Hate on instagram all you want – I’m sort of addicted to it and think it makes food look even better.

Here’s what was in my little yogurt bowl of happy this morning:

about 3/4 cup plain, low-fat yogurt (today I used Stoneyfield Organic, but I heart Greek yogurt more)

handful of sliced strawberries

about 1/4 cup blueberries, defrosted from frozen (which means they give off this yummy little blueberry juice that turns everything purple… one of my favorite colors… can you tell I’m in a good mood since it’s FINALS week?)

handful of toasted walnuts

1 tablespoon flaxseed meal (healthy stuff; you’ll have to forgive me for citing a WebMD article) 

drizzle of honey

I hope this snack brings you as much joy as it brought me this morning! Or maybe it’s just because it’s finals week and my semester is almost over…


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