Pomegranate Margaritas

So I just had to look up the correct spelling of “pomegranate.” Seems like there should be an “i” in there somewhere. Maybe my mom and/or my aunt Leia can come up with a mnemonic (not “pneumonic” as I originally wrote…) device to help me remember that, as well as the word “vinaigrette.”  I can’t ever remember how to spell either.

I ask for their help because, growing up, these natural-born teachers taught me little tricks for remembering various things. Like, the “principal” is your “pal” (never mind what “principle” actually means). There’s no need to confuse “desert” and “dessert.” Just remember that dessert has two “s’s,” just like you’d want BOTH apple pie and ice cream after the meal is over (ain’t that the truth). And there’s always “a rat” in “separate.” Get it?

Now, if only they had taught me how to tell my left from right, we’d be in business. I still get them confused. Before you start: I am fully aware that your left hand’s thumb and first finger make a perfect little “L” if you hold them up, and that’s how you’re supposed to remember the difference. Cognitively, I know my left from right. But in practicality, there is “actual left and right,” and then there’s “LBD left and right.” If you’ve ever ridden shotgun while I’m driving, you are fully aware of this, and you are prepared to compensate for my ignorance by not only saying “take a right here” but also by pointing which way you want me to go. I swear, I missed that day in kindergarten. I was out one day because I was sick, and the next day, everyone knew what the difference in Left and Right was – except for me. I haven’t recovered from this one important absence.

My point with all of this is: when life gets you down, because you can’t spell, or you can’t remember your left from right, or you thought you took a left and you ended up taking a right and you realize you’re on the wrong path, and you need something to make your day brighter… make a pomegranate margarita. I made these on Friday for a casual grilled chicken taco dinner, and even Dave thought they were delicious. Also, I promised Dana and Cindy that I’d share my recipe, so if I’m going to type it all out, I may as well share it with the rest of y’all.

These are, dare I say, a healthy alternative to margaritas made with sweet & sour mix. I loathe that stuff. However, the last time I saw my friend Weston he claimed that if you freeze the bucket of margarita mix with the tequila already added and then take an immersion blender to it, you end up with a frozen margarita that’s close to the consistency of my absolute favorite margarita in the world: the mambo taxi from Rosie’s Mexican Cantina. He couldn’t explain why or how he figured that one out, but I’ll take his word for it. Not gonna lie: if he offered me a frozen margarita that was remotely close in taste and texture to the ones I adore from Rosie’s – I’d drink it, even if he used store bought sweet & sour to make it.

Until then, keep yourself entertained with the pomegranate version.

Pomegranate Margarita (1 serving)

Place a margarita glass in the freezer to get it all nice & frosty.

In a cocktail shaker, combine the following over ice, in this order:

1.5 ounces good quality silver tequila (Patron, Milagro, Herradura… just no Jose Cuervo and nothing gold or anejo)

splash of Cointreau

1.5-2 ounces pomegranate juice

squeeze of agave nectar (2 squeezes if you like sweeter drinks)

juice of half a lime

Shake vigorously, but remember to put the top on the shaker first. Prepare the frosty glass by rimming it with sugar. How does that work?

Take a lime and run it around the edge of the glass,

then dip it in a plate of sugar.

Super easy. Fill the glass with ice,

then pour over the margarita.

Sit out on your patio with some chips & guacamole, and enjoy. And while you’re out on that patio, I hope you have a cat as cute as Chloe to keep you entertained. (all photo credits in this blog go to Dave, the official Team Dawmilam photographer!)


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