Fig Tart with Goat Cheese & Bacon

Frank: if you’re reading this, (a) I so enjoyed our conversation today and (b) my fig tart was as good as it sounded earlier today when I told you about my plans to make this for dinner.

Dave picked up some figs on his way home from work the other day. I’ve never worked with fresh figs before, but for some reason, I couldn’t shake the idea of doing anything with them but slicing them up and baking them with some puff pastry, goat cheese & bacon. So, that was dinner tonight. I got really excited about it for some reason. And it was everything I hoped it would be.

Fig Tart with Goat Cheese & Bacon

Thaw a puff pastry sheet. Preheat oven to 350. Place puff pastry sheet on silpat or nonstick baking sheet.

Slice some figs. I used 6 small ones, but I really could’ve done more. Set aside.

Cook some bacon. I did 4 slices, as that’s how I pre-portion and freeze my large packs of bacon when I pick it up at the store.

Combine about 4 ounces of cream cheese with about 4 ounces of goat cheese. I found that this works much better when the cheeses are at room temperature, since you have you spread the cheese out on the puff pastry.

Spread the cheese combination out on the puff pastry. My cheese wasn’t nearly warm enough to spread, so I just mushed it around with my fingers until it warmed up and spreaded evenly. Make sure to leave about a 1/2″ border on all sides.

Top the cheese mixture with the sliced figs. You can make it look pretty or just throw them on there, like I did.

Crumble the bacon and sprinkle it on top of the figs.

Take a couple pinches of brown sugar and throw it on top of the figs/bacon.

Fold up the sides of the puff pastry, like a little pizza.

Bake for 18 minutes.


My only complaint about this dish is that I had issues getting the bottom part of the puff pastry crispy & flaky. It was a little mushy. I was so hungry, I didn’t care tonight. But, in the future, I might work to correct it.

This went perfectly with a side salad topped with apples, craisins, toasted walnuts and a bacon-dijon vinaigrette (added shallots this time… yum!). I was in goat cheese-figgy heaven. Dave isn’t the biggest fan of goat cheese, but he still ate it, so it must not have been too terrible. Two slices of the tart with a glass of wine… perfect end to my productive day where I got nothing on my to-do list accomplished.


2 thoughts on “Fig Tart with Goat Cheese & Bacon

    • I’d suggest caramelized onions as a bacon replacement. Thinly slice one onion, sautee over medium (slowly) heat in 1 tablespoon butter/1 tablespoon olive oil and with a pinch of sugar & salt. Stir constantly. You can’t walk away for too long; you want them caramel colored, not burnt (and there’s a very fine line there!). Next time I think I’d actually prefer the onions to the bacon!

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